Delivery Services

You are always welcome to pick up your trees and shrubs here at our Nursery. We require advance notice of 24 hours so we have your order ready. Please bring necessary ropes, straps and tarps to secure and protect your load. Although we will provide assistance we make no guarantees after your vehicle leaves the Nursery.

Nodaway Valley Tree Farm will also deliver. Our fees are based on volume of trees purchased and distance from our nursery.

We will always work with our customers so please feel free to call.

Delivery Fee Schedule

If you are located within the counties of Adair, Dallas, Madison, Polk or Warren, we will deliver your purchases for $50 per load. Outside those counties our fees are $50 plus 50 cents per mile from our Nursery.

Planting Services

Nodaway Valley Tree Farm will provide planting upon request. Under normal conditions our planting price is roughly 1/2 the Retail price of the tree(s) purchased with a $100 minimum. Our service includes augering the hole, placement and alignment of the tree, staking as needed, mulch and initial watering.

We will always work with our customers so if you have special needs, please feel free to call.

If planning to plant yourself, please click on our Planting Guideline (coming soon) to enhance your success.

Landscaping Services

We offer landscaping services upon request. For large jobs, in many cases, we use landscaping subcontractors to help us design and build the project while retaining the ultimate responsibility for the job. On smaller projects like planting and finishing with a mulch or rock, we perform many of this simple services.

For projects involving irrigation we use a reliable Irrigation subcontractor. We also will handle lighting projects.

Please call and discuss your needs. We will provide quotes on projects.

Landscape Renovation

As we visit project sites, such a homeowner's landscape, we find cases where the original landscape plant material, such as trees and shrubs, have grown out of proportion, some die back has occurred, trees need to be pruned for safety or ascetic purposes, disease or pest damage has occurred, or the landscape in general needs a 'tune-up'. We see this many times at newer home sites after the original landscaping has had a few years to grow.

We have found a demand for our services to help the homeowner spruce up their landscape by pruning, adding or replacing plants, straightening trees, and a whole host of other minor tasks. While this is not usually a major project, we perform such a 'tune-up' for an affordable hourly or project fee.

Customers have often requested this service and tell us 'if you can properly care for over 20,000 plants in your nursery, surely you can help us out here'.

Call or e-mail us with your needs.