Our Focus is . . .

Plant Material

We utilize quality bare root plant material obtained primarily from professional growers in Oregon and Michigan. Selected for successful growth in our temperate zone, with vigorous root systems and applying the appropriate cultural practices, gives the plant material a good start here in Iowa.

Our plants grow here in Iowa for a minimum of two year with some taking up to ten years before they are harvested for the customer.

This growing period gives the plant a taste of Iowa winter conditions and only the hardy are harvested.

Ground Preparation

In preparation to planting, the soil is ripped to a three foot depth. The soil is then ripped again at eight inch depth with eight inch spacing between tines. Finally it is tilled in order to allow the tree or shrub to quickly establish a strong, fibrous and penetrating root system.


Prior to planting, the bare root trees are attached to a cane in order to promote straight trunks and wind support.
Each cane, bamboo or fiberglass, has a measured red mark where the bud point is placed when the tree is attached.
Precision drilled holes allow the tree and cane to be planted ensuring the bud point is the proper height above ground.


With the cane, the tree's trunk is trained straight while growing.
As the leader develops, the new growth is attached to the cane in order to continue the training process.

Once the tree's height exceeds the cane's ten foot height, the cane is removed which allows it to move in the wind and strengthen while adding caliper.

Continued growth and pruning occur to establish structurally sound branching and the formation of a full canopy.  


TThroughout the growing season and all year long, the bulk of labor hours are spent on pruning and training. With proper trunk and leader development accomplished by training, pruning is done to enhance branch structure, leader development, spur growth, and shape the tree.

Root pruning is done by a premature harvest where the roots within the dimensions of the final harvest ball width.

For example, a tree that will harvested at a 3" caliper in a 36-40" basket is harvest a year in advance at 32". We lift the tree out of the ground and set it back in to ensure all roots have been pruned.


Maintaining all aspects of the growth is a year around process. All plants are on an automated drip irrigation system. Wildlife protection is achieved with a 9' perimeter fence. Fertilization, herbicide, and an integrated pest/disease management system are in place.

Protection from sunscald and frost cracks is provided by using white, sun reflective tubes during winter months.

All plants are on a computer conrolled drip irrigation system. In the picture to the left, the brown irrigation line running along the trunks is the above ground portion of the system.


Size, canopy development, root system, dormancy and overall health of the tree are factors taken into account before we will dig, ball and burlap a tree or shrub.

Maintaining a strong root ball that can withstand travel, handling and transplant are very important in delivering a quality tree.

Aftercare in our holding yard where mulch and irrigation protect the tree ensures the success of the harvest.

Customer planting and aftercare

When requested, we plant and care for our trees at the customer's site. Proper planting, staking, watering, fertilization, mulching and additional pruning is done as long as needed to ensure the tree develops properly and will survive in the long term.