Delivery Services

You are always welcome to pick up your trees and shrubs here at our Nursery. We require advance notice of 24 hours so we have your order ready. Please bring necessary ropes, straps and tarps to secure and protect your load. Although we will provide assistance we make no guarantees after your vehicle leaves the Nursery.

Nodaway Valley Tree Farm will also deliver. Our fees are based on volume purchased and distance from our nursery.

Curently we make multiple trips weekly to central portion of the state. Additionally, since we sell across the entire state, deliveries are being made to the major cities of Iowa and many smaller towns in between.

We will always work with our customers so please feel free to call.

Delivery Fee Schedule

If you are located within the counties of Adair, Dallas, Madison, Polk or Warren, we will deliver your order for $50 to $100 per load. Outside those counties our fees are $50, plus 50 cents per mile from our Nursery.

Since we pool orders for delivery, you will want to notify us of any specific delivery times or conditions ahead of time.

For wholesale customers, unloading will be your responsibility unless arrangements have been made with us beforehand.

Planting Services

Nodaway Valley Tree Farm will provide planting upon request. Under normal conditions our planting price is approximately 50% of the normal Retail price of the tree(s) purchased. Our service includes proper digging of the hole, placement and alignment of the tree, staking as needed, mulch and initial watering. On multiple tree projects, our planting fees are reduced.

We will always work with our customers so if you have special needs, please feel free to call.

If planning to plant yourself, please click on our Planting Guideline to enhance your success.

Holding Services

For large purchases or to facilitate the customers circumstances, we offer at no charge to keep your purchase in our holding yard until needed. While in the yard, it will receive professional care until it is convenient for you to take delivery.

We guarantee the health of the tree placed in the yard.

Please let us know your needs and plans.